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Capture the image.
Feel rather than think.
Trust the color, trust our team.


YCU (Young Colorists United) was born from the idea to push it’s home market beyond it’s limits by rising awareness in Color Grading field through the workshops.

Our activities gather and unite many creative people from the film and advertising
industry helping to create teams and to collaborate.

With strong technical knowledge, high sense of aesthetics and good communication skills, our colorists gather three most important skills to help you stylise your film according to it’s needs. Weather you want to recreate a film stock, find something unique by creating a specific image structure and color palette or simply colorcorrect your footage, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Our workflow is based on a system created by our Senior Colorist Dominik Deras.
The idea is not to make some “look” but to have the most possible control over the image to create exactly what you need.
The workflow is not based on common LUTs. Every our colorist creates his looks individually for a given project, therefore each grading is unique and crafted to your needs.



We are remotely available so you can reach us from any place in the world over the internet, or we can meet traditional way either by traveling to your place or by inviting You to our home town 😉



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