Remote Grading

Project Based

Grading rooms





Project Based

  1. You send us Rushes, EDL, Offline and a note with description containing info on what would You like to achieve in terms of Grading + optionally reference images.
  2. YCU purpose a look for Your Film by grading few shots and sending You graded stills.
  3. Together we discuss over our proposition.
  4. We grade the whole film according to Your latest comments
  5. If needed we can make Live Remote Grading for final touches
  6. We render and upload finished project to previously pointed location




Discussed Individually.


Live from the Start

This is restricted to a few things and it’s discussed individually.
It might need screen calibration sync. between our and Your facility.
Advised for long term collaborations and our regular partners.

Grading Rooms

Our two main grading rooms are fully equipped with high-end hardware and up to date dedicated and calibrated Sony BVM-X300v2 color-critical reference monitors, to meet all the standards you may need. DaVinci Resolve is our weapon of choice.




Price Range: 1600$ – 6000$ / Day