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X-Rite Akurat Eizo Cyfrowa Republika FilmPRO

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Key values


  • Complete, high-end, Professional workflows from a working SENIOR COLORIST
  • Grading strategies for commercials, film and TV
  • Intensive 2 Day Workshop
  • Access to private members forum with no time limits where YCU will do all its best to help you develop yourself and answer all your questions


For the duration of our workshops we provide a computer station with Davinci Resolve for each participant.
We overview and discuss full color grading workflow (we supply the footage – RED, ARRi, BM, Sony, DSLR, DJI, GoPro)

Day 1

  • Proper preparation of footage for Color Grading
  • Media Management & Conforming
  • Different FrameRate Workflows
  • Color Management
  • The process of building a look – Basic & Advanced workflows
  • Importance of using Curves in look building process
  • Log Grading
  • Keying and masking strategies ( select individual parts of an image for individual correction)
  • Dynamic corrections
  • Working with RAW vs. LOG vs. rec709
  • Create Your own LUTs
  • Signal Ranges – What, how and why?
  • Different methods of matching shots from different cameras, from different places from different time of the day

Working mode: 3h of work + 1h lunch (provided within the workshop) + 1h Calibration and technologies lecture + 3h of work + beer time

During workshops, participants do not work on reference monitors.

Day 2


  • Day to Night
  • References and what is the best way to use them
  • Lab ColorSpace
  • Noise Reduction and Grain management strategies
  • Rendering for post, for VFX, for final deliver
  • Key concept of being a professional colorist – what You should know and what You have to accept / working with Directors, DPs, Agencies, Clients
  • Color work strategies – Commercials, Film, TV
  • Participants bring their own video footage on which they would like to work. Together we analyze and solve the problems we encounter. We learn how to approach different cases and how to choose the right method of work.
    (People without their own video footage get a new one from us
  • Screen & room calibration lecture, new technologies (including HDR10, DolbyVision) + tips for selecting the right monitor.
  • Case Studies – We show step by step, node after node, examples of TV commercials colored by our lecturer
  • Tested strategis to become a full time colorist
  • After the workshops we invite you to a non-binding meeting in the pub (first round is on us). This time is a great opportunity for “Networking” – we get to know each other, exchange of experience, and maybe a possibility of cooperation on interesting projects.

Working mode: 3h of work + 1h lunch (provided within the workshop) + 1h Calibration and technologies lecture + 3h of work + beer time




























For who?


The workshop program is so structured that we start from scratch, but we go by the basics quite fast to focus on advanced topics as soon as possible. Of course, if anyone does not catch up, our lecturer gives the rest of the group tasks and explains individually. Up until now, we had people who already work in grading environment and people who were just about to start their color correction adventure or started recently. We think it is a little bit so that at every stage of advancement of an individual person, a different lesson will be taken from such workshops. So if You are ready to swallow a huge pill of knowledge and industry tips and techniques, then You came to the right place. Hope to see You soon!






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Dominik Deras



Dominik Deras has 9 years of industry work experience (both still and motion). He worked with DPs and directors from Europe, USA and India. His talent for Color Grading has been recognized by such brands as: Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Canon, Huawei, Nokia,  Microsoft, PKO Bank Polski, Cheetos, NC+, KFC, PKP, T-Mobile, Orange, Tymbark, Mohito, Apart, Vistula, Algida and many others, which list, despite young age, is long. Dominik grades more than 200 commercial projects per year. In his spare time, he likes to visit restaurants, go to the cinema and meet new people.






X-Rite Akurat Eizo Cyfrowa Republika FilmPRO